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What is a High Dose Allotment?

High Dose Allotment is for those patients that require higher doses & quantities of Medical Marijuana. Our team will be able to help you with everything from figuring out the doses that would work for you to going through and filling out the application. Dr. McEntire and his team are focused on the best outcomes and easiest experience possible.

Discovering High Dose Allotment for Medical Marijuana in Missouri

Embracing the Benefits of High Dose Allotment

Benefits of high dose marijuana can include effective pain management for chronic conditions, relief from symptoms like nausea and muscle spasms, and improvement in appetite for those undergoing treatments like chemotherapy.

Why Dr. McEntire is Your Best Ally

Choosing the right guide on your medical marijuana journey can make all the difference. Dr. James McEntire is not only a passionate advocate of medical marijuana but also a recognized expert in the field. His goal is simple: to help you navigate the ins and outs of the High Dose Allotment program, ensuring you get the best possible results and care.

With our High Dose Allotment service, you’ll experience a range of amazing benefits:

  • Tailored Relief: Your health needs are unique, and so should be your medical marijuana treatment. High Dose Allotment allows Dr. McEntire to customize your dosage to address your specific symptoms and conditions.
  • Freedom to Heal: Say goodbye to rigid limitations! High Dose Allotment grants you access to higher quantities of medical marijuana, empowering you to find the balance and relief you seek.
  • Expert Guidance: Dr. McEntire will be your partner in this journey, providing expert advice, support, and monitoring every step of the way.
  • Improved Wellbeing: Whether you’re dealing with chronic pain, anxiety, or other qualifying conditions, High Dose Allotment can be a game-changer in enhancing your overall wellbeing.